fibres sound-suit

My Trees Are All Sick, 2011
lace curtains, skeleton leaves, thread


programming baby

saturn baby, 2011
reclaimed stuffed animals; stripped fur-real-friends mechanism; pressure, flex, and proximity sensors; a little speaker; max msp; ripped youtube sound clips; crazy computers

sound suit in progress

Autumn skeleton leaves and Salvation Army lace curtain treasure find. It's coming along.


Untitled, 2011
treasure, stolen and found; garbage; milkweed pods, fluff; wool, flax, thread scraps; old balloons; rape whistle; pigeon feathers, mummified foot; etc...

bad skin

Untitled, 2011
acrylic on canvas


load laod loaawwaddd

I can't spell and I'm going to throw up on Concordia's computers I have been doing this all day and all I have to show for it is some hyper-organized pastel vomit patcher  and some cute bat sounds.



little army ant buddy

We have bonded. He is excited for his new life as an uncomfortable interactive kinetic soft robotic planet-cat Saturn-Gizmo hybrid, and I am excited to stay up all night with this lovely warm french-press full of coffee and fix up his innards. I am excited about a Concordia project !(?) 

I will not sleep, I have shook off my lethargy. I will be a champion crazy-night-artist. And then I will go to schoool super earrrlyyy and leave notes where cute people will find them (I have decided to revive notes as a response to my lack of cellulurrr phone) and have more coffee and create mechanized cougar screams and hook this baby's sensors up. And I won't fall asleep until after my afternoon class.

I am really becoming fond of my webcam. It's like the so-shitty-they're-magical disposable camera of the digital world.


Gizmo the Wizard

So while I was waiting for my leaves to cook up I wrote Gizmo a song. She's honestly like 13 or 14 and still going strong. And have you seen her whiskers. Some Grande Chancellor whiskers right thurr.

It's only 2:30 I feel so accomplished --

I am a Chemist

Current project: trying to kill everyone in my house with noxious fumes from boiling leaves in caustic washing soda.

I need a camera, so much goes undocumented.


mini dino leg

Just set this sucker up to mummify in cornmeal for a month. My entire art practice -- dead birds. Dead birds everywhere.


waxy crap

Once, I made a sculpture out of wax. It was a grand failure. But now that I've forgotten what bits of treasure and crap I hid in it, I can think of it as a giant kinder surprise.



Sylvia Plath get out of my heart

"August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time."
Sylvia Plath


poor mister crow

I went out for a run around 11 last night, apparently showing a characteristic disregard for self-preservation, and spotted this gorgeous guy on a lawn, a block from my house. An entire, intact crow carcass, couldn't have been dead more than a day.
It looks like he (she?) died from a head wound; it's the only source of trauma I can see. I didn't have gloves when I went to collect him though (more disregard for self-preservation?) so I haven't handled him thoroughly, he could be wounded beneath his wings or something. But I'm only interested in the skeleton, especially the skull (!!). Gonna bury him for a few months in a decay cage, dig him back up before the ground freezes. If that's not enough time I'll have to wait for the spring thaw.

As far as I can tell it's not illegal for me to possess him, luckily, since crows seem to be one of the only birds not protected by the Migratory Birds Convention Act nor by federal/provincial legislation. He'll be good company for my chicken bones.


sleep naked

 Sleep Naked, 2010
graphic marker

Cross-hatching, markers, kittens wearing cones. Used to be half of a diptych, but all the good stuff is in this panel so fuck that.


50 poems, no. 12

(will you teach a
wretch to live
straighter than a needle)

                   (ask and
                    and ask
again and)ask a 
brittle little
person fiddling

(did you kiss
a girl with nipples
like pink thimbles)

                   (ask and
                   and ask
ago and)ask a
in the snow

- e e cummings

nineties babies go camping


Taters McBeastly

Taters McBeastly, 2011
old teddies, yarn, ribbon, wood
person sized

My pride and joy. He's big enough to come around with me piggyback, and takes up half my bed when we sleep. He is friendly and doesn't eat my cats.
I think he's my soulmate.

Photo via some dude who went to our vernissage. Did a better job at documenting than I, so, sweet deal.

Joni Mitchell, Carnegie Hall, 1972

Ultimate crys forever, just gonna leave this here.


chicken bones

I've been collecting chicken bones; picking the carcass and boiling the skeleton. 
No idea what I'll do with em.

secret beach

Cameraphone photos from my secret beach, camping.
July 2011