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unicorn berry colour bomb for vanessa's head



Today I went to the vernissage of an art show, Monstrosities; fibre work from Concordia undergraduates. My friend Taters McBeastly was there.  He was sitting on a little stool, next to a shredded paper cast of a doorframe and a wall full of decorated children’s boots. Across the room from him was Colleen, his knitted soulmate monster.  He seemed just fine there, but the room was white and windowless and filled mostly with people who didn’t know me and a few who did but didn’t come over to talk to me. There’s only so many times you can circulate a room of a dozen art works, pretending to be deeply contemplating their concept and construction. 


Mechanical Toy #1 from Hope Erin Phillips on Vimeo.

Mechanical Toy #2 from Hope Erin Phillips on Vimeo.

Mechanical Toy #3 from Hope Erin Phillips on Vimeo.

The more successful experiments of the bunch, mangled motorized toys for Sculpture Mechanics.

mechanics workshop

my dad got around to setting up a proper work space in my basement this winter and it is basically heaven. we have all the tools ever, every adhesive ever, boxes and boxes of scrap junk for me to rustle through, a heavy duty oldschool table vice, drawers of electronics components, a flipping sound system. 

basically my dad is a technician.

also he brings me home heavy-duty motors and LEDs and control panels and other goodies from work mmmmmmm are you jealous