crafty saturday night

aka lonely sadurday night
6th pair (for my mum)


something actually worked

hyperventilating oh my god better go to bed before I put a comma in the wrong place and fuck it all up



Fireflies from Hope Erin Phillips on Vimeo.

Reminding myself I did do something, this year. I spent so much time hunting fireflies, that was fun/dedication. I think I'm supposed to not show it to people till the show buut I mean if you're reading my blog you're probably Jenna or someone lost on the internet soo. (pass: cadavre)


labour day work

Comission, almost completed in one daaaay~
I have earned chai tea, adventure time, and knitting.


therapeutic illustrated journaling

look at my baby ponytail 
look at my chocolate covered coconut icecream bar

look at my first pair of socks
(keepin dese babies for myself)

lookit all did therapeutic illustrated journaling
this is what I do on my lunch breaks when I get sick of knitting


I have been working through my , ~* ' sad feelings ' *~ , in this way. I want to write postcards but I also don't want to be the kind of person that writes postcards full of sad things. I have been eating lots of icecream bars and trying to , ~* ' communicate ' *~ , even though that really just spreads the  , ~* ' sad feelings ' *~ ,  around. Maybe tomorrow I will buy some stamps.

On the upside, I can't remember when I was last this productive.


everything I work with is sharp

at least I still have unicorn nails


more red knitting

christmas is coming the goose is getting fat
please put a penny in the old man's hat

seriously though everyone is going to get socks, and I am waaay ahead of the game it's not even septemmmber



(a poem)

watching some twin peaks
in my bed full of crumbs
i will not answer the door
(don't you know i am writing real-time poetry so i can post something on my blog?)
watched some more twin peaks
worried about what to do what to do
when i run out of episodes
scratchy throat gross nose
didnt do anything i was supposed to do this evening
cant call my girfriend
(my parents have my phone)
not really sick
just schlump


to the lighthouse

... "And that's the end," she said, and she saw in his eyes, as the interest in the story died away in them, something else take its place; something wondering, pale, like a reflection of light, which at once made him gaze and marvel. Turning, she looked across the bay, and and there, sure enough, coming regularly across the waves first two quick strokes and then one long steady stroke, was the light of the Lighthouse. It had been lit. In a moment he would ask her, "Are we going to the Lighthouse?" And she would have to say "No: not tomorrow; your father says not." Happily, Mildred came in to fetch them,and the bustle distracted them. But he kept looking back over his shoulder as Mildred carried him out, and she was certain that he was thinking, we are not going to the Lighthouse tomorrow; and she thought, he will remember that all his life. ...



100% CPU usage

how am I ever supposed to edit this video


jenna wiggins as miranda july as colin self as joanna newsom

You have no idea how happy this makes me.
Also now I am going to be channeling Miranda July for the next few weeks until I forget again how much I love her.


video scraps

Caught something lovely on the roof of TA when we went abandoned building camping.



So this happened.
All other attempts at creative work so far have been dud.

Oh internet, I have not been trying very hard.
I suppose I should also plug Cadavre Exquis (my turn my turn!) ...
Went out firefly hunting last night, but nothing for my project came of it.


Sweater in Action

We've expanded it to fit five and picketed our painting class yesterday in this with ukulele accompaniment.
Nothing de-escalates tension like a cozy sweater and ukuleles. Take note, y'all.


seedlings planted

witchy stuff (lemon mint, valerian, chamomile, echinachea)

edible stuff (beefheart tomatoes, mini tomatoes, two types of eggplants, white onions, little turnips, mustard, globe artichoke)

Pluuus my rhubarb is already showing and I still have carrots and beets and sugar snap peas and swiss chard and calendula and nasturtium and spaghetti squuuasshh~ to sow directly in the ground and I should get some more greens and herbs and brocolli and cauliflower and bell peppers and blackberries to go with the raspberries and strawberries that always pop up! Also leeks! Shallots!

Gonna build some raised beds for these suckers next aww yeahh, gonna have the biggest baddest garden on tha block! But how to keep out kittens...



edition 1 / 6 
japanese paper, mylar, tissue, old leather, gel medium, latex,
watercolour, acrylic, paint markers, etc.

thaaanks, farr 



Collaboration from Hope Erin Phillips on Vimeo.

video/performace, 2012
with Katie and Trina 

I hate Final Cut.


video/performance work stuff

collaboration with lovely Trina & Katie kids 

lots of butts in this project

playing with transparencies

Watercolour on vellum, mangled gel medium transfers (really don't have the technique down, just trying to salvaged the pages at this point), gel medium + latex pages, cover embroidery.
I've been entirely occupying my kitchen table for almost a week?

Have to hand in my recipets and an edition by the 23rd aaack.

Also, Mr. Crow.


more progress

8 pages per book's worth
cutting em up was terrifying

and then I spent the rest of friday night sewing puff pocket pages ™ together while watching adventure time. six out of twelve down. 

also: check out my mad princess swagg