little army ant buddy

We have bonded. He is excited for his new life as an uncomfortable interactive kinetic soft robotic planet-cat Saturn-Gizmo hybrid, and I am excited to stay up all night with this lovely warm french-press full of coffee and fix up his innards. I am excited about a Concordia project !(?) 

I will not sleep, I have shook off my lethargy. I will be a champion crazy-night-artist. And then I will go to schoool super earrrlyyy and leave notes where cute people will find them (I have decided to revive notes as a response to my lack of cellulurrr phone) and have more coffee and create mechanized cougar screams and hook this baby's sensors up. And I won't fall asleep until after my afternoon class.

I am really becoming fond of my webcam. It's like the so-shitty-they're-magical disposable camera of the digital world.