hushpuppy house - beta site

Hushpuppy House was my one big project  last term; check it out, it's been live for a while and needs user-contribution! It started out as an online project for Creative Computation and morphed into a huge beast of a year-long multi-media installation&online project. I'm no good at art blogging clearly because I received a small grant (!) to persue Hushpuppy House!

" a dual-pronged idea consisting of a digital user-generated environment and a supporting installation space, to explore comfort, safety, and escapism in real vs. virtual/imaginary spaces. "

There's more in-depth info about the project on the site! I'm super excited, and working on the legit actual environment now -- it'll be based in html5 video; clips & loops with ambient sound & jquery for interactivity, and navigation will be from scene to scene. Wish I had the skillz to create a 3D environment that you could explore as in-game but I'm just not there yet. Mmph. If you like the sound of this project or liked the beta site, please contribute to the environment! I'll imortalize your concept of the perfect safe place in online art!

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